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Attorney Black’s experience and expertise

We strongly believe in the benefits of negotiation and working with our clients to skillfully and carefully draft settlement agreements if appropriate or possible. In many cases, Attorney Black’

Woburn Family Law Attorneys

The Black Law Group LLC is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality representation through thoughtful, committed and zealous advocacy in all types of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce: We handle both contested and uncontested divorces in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
  • High net worth divorce: Professionals or families with substantial assets and property need an experienced attorney at their side to protect their assets and interests.
  • Child custody/child support: Issues involving your children are always difficult. Our attorneys provide honest and knowledgeable representation with an emphasis on you and your children’s best interests.
  • Custody removal or parental relocations: In today’s mobile society, people often move from state to state. When you are divorced and have children with your ex-spouse, relocation provides challenges to custody and parenting time arrangements. We help you through the court process and, when appropriate, in negotiating new parenting plans when removal or parental relocation is agreed to or permitted by the court.
  • Property division issues: We help you work out property and debt settlements that are fair; and if settlement is impossible, we fight for an equitable distribution of property and debts in court.
  • Alimony/spousal support: Our experienced divorce attorneys will evaluate whether alimony will be part of your divorce and, if so, we will help you strategize about the appropriate amount and duration of alimony.
  • Modification and contempt issues: It is often necessary to modify child support, spousal support and parenting time arrangements to accommodate the changing circumstances in our lives. It is also sometimes necessary to enforce court orders that are not being followed. We help clients bring and oppose modification and contempt actions.
  • Same sex divorce, custody and asset division cases: Same sex couples face unique challenges in divorce cases, custody battles and disputes over property division. Our attorneys are experienced in these areas of law and the challenges relative to custody, support and division of assets faced by same sex couples.
  • Prenuptial agreements: We help people protect their assets in the event of divorce or death by drafting pre-marital agreements.
  • Paternity: We help unmarried parents establish paternity, custody, support and parenting plans and help to resolve other legal issues relating to their children.
  • Domestic violence restraining orders:We protect domestic violence victims and those accused of domestic violence through the civil restraining order process.

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From protecting your interests in a divorce or through a prenuptial agreement, we can help you with your family law issue. Contact our firm at by calling 781-569-5840 in Massachusetts, 603-681-9126 in New Hampshire, to speak with one of our experienced Nashua and Woburn family law attorneys. We are conveniently located in Woburn, Massachusetts and Nashua, New Hampshire, and are licensed to practice in both states.