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 by Anonymous

Top Notch Service from a Qualified Attorney

By far, Attorney LaFrance from start to finish with my divorce case was extremely professional, well-detailed, informative, understanding and supportive. Communication was also top-notch with Attorney LaFrance. Clearly one can tell that Attorney LaFrance provides the respectful amount of attention, takes the time to listen and provide effective feedback in a very timely manner. I am very grateful I found Attorney LaFrance who successfully assisted me in the most difficult time of my life from start to finish. Thank you for everything, on behalf of myself and my daughter.

 by Richard

Simply an outstanding attorney

Patricia (Patti) LaFrance esq. Is an amazing attorney. She did a very nice job laying out exactly what my expectations should be during my divorce. She quickly ascertained the nature of my case and the unique challenges that I was left to deal with. She is particularly well versed and known for her advocacy in domestic violence cases. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised when our Judge knew her by first name and referred to her work when she was with the prosecutors office. The judge certainly seemed to value her legal arguments and opinions. Needless to say I got a more-than fair result in my divorce. If I should ever be in the unfortunate need for an attorney then Patti is the very first person I am going to call. Thank you Patti for your incredible effort. It made a big difference for my children and myself.

 by Candace Navarro

Lisa is the best thing that ever happened to my family she is amazing and i will never in my life use any one else but lisa Bollinger ?

 by GL

Shrewd, considerate and sensitive

Attorney B. Black was quick to understand the sensitive spots in my case and maneuvered around to accommodate but be firm when need be. She is quick, sharp and I felt I could trust her as a person and her judgement as an attorney.

 by Beverly Edwards

An Excellent Choice

The initial consultation with a potential divorce/family law attorney is critical in my opinion. For me the most important considerations are: can I work side by side with this attorney during a very stressful life-changing event and does she have the experience I am looking for. I knew the first time I met Attorney Black that we could have a comfortable and productive relationship. She gave me an education in divorce which I desperately needed. Barbra turned out to be FIRST and ONLY choice and I have absolutely NO regrets.
Barbra had the patience to guide me through the divorce process and gave me the confidence I needed to stand my ground and go after the outcome I was looking for.
Barbra is professional, experienced and well-respected in her field of law. I would highly recommend Barbra and I feel fortunate to have found her.

 by MaryBeth

Professional Team

Barbra and her team made the divorce process tolerable. They communicated well and I felt in the loop at all times. I am glad to have found her. I would recommend this law firm for your divorce.

 by Anonymous


Tough, (in the best way) responsive, sharp legal mind, and communicative. This divorce, as it is for most people, was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. I am so grateful for Barbra's legal expertise and tenacity in advocating for me. If it weren't for the circumstances under which we met, I'd want to have her as a friend!

 by Anonymous

Third time was the charm!


I hired Barbra in the middle of my divorce when two others did nothing to move my case forward. My second attorney insisted that only if I refinance the marital home, that was already paid off, will he be able to work on an agreement. From the very beginning Barbra explained how assets are divided, that I absolutely did not need to "refinance" the home. She was very responsive to emails and phone calls, and I always received an email copy of every single communication with the opposing counsel. Many times I wanted to give up and walk away as the stress and manipulation was so high from my ex. But Barbra was so patient and had my back through the whole process. She fought for my rights and called out on any unreasonable demands from OC. Wish I had hired her first. It would've saved me time, money and a whole lot of stress!

 by Liz

Amazing team and experience

Barbra is truly an amazing person first, and also a great lawyer. I came to her during this pandemic and all our interactions were by phone and email but I never felt like my case wasn't important or that she didn't understand the situation. All replies were timely and showed great consideration for the stress of having legal issues during this time. Barbra has a great team behind her as well and since my case was originally in NH and I live in MA now , the amount of people on her team able to practice to in both states was great. I would recommend this team to anyone and everyone should they need legal representation in family court. I am only sorry I did not get to meet these amazing people in person and shake their hands. I cannot emphasize enough how much it means to have a strong and understanding lawyer through stressful situations! Priceless.

 by Anonymous

Couldn't be more satisfied


Having never gone through a divorce before, I had no idea what to expect. Barbra gave me the education I needed and turned a very emotional and stressful life changing event into something tolerable. I always felt comfortable calling her for even the smallest detail and she was very responsive and managed to calm me down at the same time. She was tough and persistent and left no stone unturned and always protected my interests as if they were her own. Barbra gave me the confidence I needed to stand up for what I wanted and to go after it. My divorce was somewhat complex, no children but many properties in different states, a business and many investment accounts were involved. The outcome of my divorce was very fair and Barbra managed to get me the settlement I wanted. Choosing the right attorney makes all the difference in the world and I would absolutely recommend Barbra if you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorney. I feel very fortunate to have found her. Now that my divorce is over, I think I will actually miss her.......well, maybe not!!

 by Mark

Black Law Group

I hired Barbra to represent me in a contempt case. I was very nervous about it based on my previous experiences in court. She assured me that I had a good case and that there wouldn't be any problems. She did win the settlement and it happened exactly as she told me it would. Barbra was very professional. She was always on time for appointments and would make them on short notice if need be. She was also flexible in that we met most of the time over the phone. She was very reassuring through the entire process and very tenacious when dealing with the opposing attorney which definitely drove to a speedy and positive outcome. Apart from her law knowledge and skills, I felt I was treated very fairly and respectful from her and the entire office staff. Barbra was very generous with her time. So often I felt like I was being overcharged by previous attorneys with no result to show. I didn't get that impression at all from Barbra. In fact, it seemed she spent more time on the case than I was charged. It was satisfying knowing that I was not being nickeled and dimed to death. My only regret is that I didn't know of Barbra and hire her for my divorce. I highly recommend her and would hire Barbra again if need be.

 by Laura

Barbra Black

I will be forever grateful to Barbra Black. She was recently hired to resolve a highly contentious divorce. I highly recommend her and urge anyone looking for a divorce attorney to choose her as your first choice. It will be worth every penny spent. She settled the case when another attorney could not. She made sure that the case progressed in a timely manner and I felt I could call her at any time throughout the process. She and her team are responsive, professional and walked me through my case step-by-step. She was able to work well with my ex husband's attorney to solve the case when another attorney I hired failed. Thanks to Barbra's guidance and expertise I enjoy living in my home today. Thank you Barbra for your hard work! It is appreciated.

 by Ken

Corporate Theft - Insurance Claim

Patricia was hired to assist in appealing a denied claim filed with our insurance carrier for a large employee theft that occurred at my company. I had been battling back and forth for well over a year with our carrier before dismissing our current attorney and hiring Patricia. Patricia had the issue resolved for us within a couple months and our claim was paid in full. She has also been assisting us with the ongoing criminal investigation of the former employee and has been instrumental in keeping a very slow process moving forward. Patricia is personal, smart and extremely competent. I'd highly recommend hiring her for your legal matters.

 by Anonymous

Solid Representation

Barbra Black represented me throughout a 19 month long divorce process. Barbra responded to each and every question or concern I had along the way within 24hrs ..... even while she was on vacation. Barbra provided sound advice and I felt she paid particular attention to my many areas of concern and anxiety. There were more than a few “twists and turns” along the path, and Barbra managed them all with calm and informed confidence.....and also succeeded in comforting me personally when I was at my wits end. Barbra accompanied me to court and was fiercely determined to assure my best interests were her only priority. Although this is a process I hope to never encounter again .... I would reach out to Barbra without hesitation for her experienced, prudent, and kind representation

 by Heather

Black Law Group

I hired The Black Law Group after spending a considerable amount of time and money with another lawyer that I had hired to handle my divorce. I was not happy and decided to switch lawyers about halfway through my case. I could not be happier that I did. The difference was night and day. I worked primarily with Barbara and Ivanna and I found both to be responsive, knowledgeable and professional at all times. I found them to be a perfect combination of behind the scenes prepared and also sharp and court room ready when necessary. You will not regret hiring the Black Law Group. My only regret is that I did not retain them initially.

 by Jonathan


Exceptional, top notch. My only regret is that I did not find out about the Black law group sooner. From Barbra on down Sara and Samantha are a pleasure to call with questions and or concerns. Up front and honest a rare find these days. would strongly recommend this practice

 by Stephanie

The Calm during the Storm

Patricia LaFrance has been an absolute savior to me over the past year. She was professional, considerate, compassionate, knowledgeable, and she worked tirelessly for me throughout my divorce case. Her guidance and support helped me through the process. Patricia was more like a friend to me than an attorney. She was there for me during the worst of times as well as during the best of times. She had a way of calming me during the most stressful times. I felt 100% comfortable with Patricia. Her knowledge, expertise, and down to earth manner made her a good fit for me. I highly recommend Patricia LaFrance for consideration as an attorney.

 by Anonymous


After 3 months of working with a big Boston divorce attorney and several trips to court and thousands of dollars later, my old Boston divorce attorney DIDN'T get me anywhere but thrown out of the marital home. I knew it was time to find a new divorce lawyer. Someone who was going to be in control and fight for me. Luckily, I was referred to Attorney Black by an attorney I worked with. During this very difficult time in my life, I knew attorney black was finally going to handle my contested case properly and I knew I was in good hands. Her strategy was absolutely rock solid. Thank you for your dedication, patience and all the hard work you did during this emotional rollercoasterride. AR

 by Gregg

Got me through this nightmare

Thank goodness that I found Attorney Black. She was/is tough, persistent, patient, thorough and smart. Most importantly for me, she was extremely responsive - readily available by email and/or phone call to clarify legal issues and strategy questions. I appreciated her straightforward advice. What does the law say? And what are the factors that the judge will likely consider? If you are getting divorced, you will find that for the earning party, Mass law is a mechanism purposefully built to attach your earnings and confiscate your assets. Barbra stood up for me and adroitly defended me against the ringing chorus of voices (including my first attorney) demanding that I "just pay her". Barbra did not just defend my assets and earnings but went above and beyond to preserve my sanity.

 by Anonymous

Barbra and Erin represented me as a team. They were so very upfront and honest with me. What a team, they handled continual aggressive tactics from my ex-wife's attorney with ease. I could not be even a bit more satisfied with their fees. This firm is spot on for anyone looking for the very best representation. These are kind ladies who can fight like pitbulls when the other side gets out of line. Thank you again Barbra and Erin !

 by Anonymous

I hired Barbra to help with a visitation modification. My case was not an easy one and my ex was not willing to negotiate at all. Barbra never left me in the dark about what was going on and always advised me on the most cost effective means to achieve the desired results. Barbra and her entire legal team worked very hard to get me a better than expected settlement. I will forever be thankful to Barbra and her team for getting me a fair settlement which allows me to be in my son's life again.

 by Anonymous

Barbra did a fantastic job fighting what I would consider to be a total B/S law suit, my ex wife and her attorney tried suing me for well over a 100K for a child that had been emancipated for several years. Barbra was incredible at the discovery process and was able to dig up the truth in a case that was filled with lies and false allegations, She was tough as nails but also very professional. Obviously my emotions were high as there was a lot at stake and she was able to keep me calm and focused on what mattered, she also encouraged me to try to do as much of the information gathering as possible to keep the costs down.

She brought up ideas on how to attack this case that was going to cost me more money but in the end would eventually prove to be the very thing that caused us to win. Although it was not cheap you get what you pay for and she was well worth the cost. As with any attorney you pay for e-mails, calls and everything else but she was real good about handing less important stuff of to the staff in her office in an effort to keep costs from soaring. I would highly recommend Barbra, if your going to be in a dog fight you better bring a pit bull and that's exactly what she was, my ex and her attorney got destroyed in court and Barbra was able to show the judge exactly what this case was about greed and fraud. Although it took almost a year she was truly amazing and I am so grateful I hired her to be my attorney.

 by Bob

I switched to Barbara in the middle of my divorce because I was unsatisfied with my first lawyer. It was like night and day. Barbara listened to me, she understood what my objectives were in the divorce. She was very knowledgeable and went over my options in different situations and asked me how I wanted to proceed. I always felt that Barbara put 100% effort and fought hard for me. She also had another lawyer in the firm work on my case and I saw the same effort and knowledge. Her office was very responsive, when I emailed most of the time I received an email back within minutes. When I called their office, they answered their phone and were available. In the end I was able to come to an agreement and avoided going to trial. I was extremely happy with the way Barbara handles the case.

 by Michelle

Barbra was an advocate for me throughout my divorce. She was always one step ahead of the process. Her knowledge, skills and abilities were very beneficial to me. I would highly recommend Barbra as a great lawyer.

 by Beth

Barbra Black represented me in a divorce. We had attempted mediation which was unsuccessful followed by us both hiring lawyers. My first lawyer was not responsive or trustworthy. I found Barbra through a employee assistance program at work. Barbra immediately took charge. She was extremely prompt, knowledgable, and responsive. I felt like she took control and took the lead. She also made sure I understood the process and kept me informed. Barbra was sensitive to time and costs. She gave some responsibilities to her staff to keep my costs down but never delegated work or decision making needing her attention. I have since referred Barbra to a friend who is also satisfied with Barbra's approach. I would highly recommend Barbra Black as a divorce lawyer.

 by Anonymous

Attorney Black handled my difficult contested divorce.
She kept me focused on the larger picture in the process which can be very daunting.
She got me a fair settlement.
I would highly recommend Attorney Black.

 by Anonymous

Barbra handled my divorce settlement with great results. She is a very clear communicator who took the time to explain the process, pros and cons of various approaches, and how to keep things moving along efficiently. Barbra was always upfront about fees and from the very beginning offered advice about how to get the best results without excessive costs. She struck the right balance between being compassionate and staying focused on the legal and financial aspects of achieving a good settlement. When needed, she steered me away from pursuing trivial issues based on emotions, and I appreciated her candor and common sense.

She was a great advocate and negotiator--cordial and professional when communicating with opposing counsel, but also tough when needed. After seeing her skillfully manage our first face-to-face meeting with my ex and his attorney, I was thrilled to have Barbra on my side.

Barbra helped me get an excellent settlement agreement, under difficult circumstances, in less than one year. I was divorced at the pre-trial hearing because she worked very hard to get the agreement done by that date so that I could avoid the trouble and expense of going to trial. She made sure I understood and agreed to every aspect of the settlement negotiations during the intense week before the pre-trial hearing, and we got it done. The judge complimented her (and opposing counsel) for their fine work.

I would highly recommend Barbra.

 by Robert M.

Barbra was referred to me by a friend. I had previously spoken with a couple of attorneys about taking on my divorce case. As I explained my situation to Barbra, she immediately began to discern the strengths and weaknesses of my case. She then guided me on a path to success. Her advice kept me from making costly and strategic mistakes. She worked with me interactively every step of the way. She structured my case taking my wants and considerations into account.

She was well aware of what might and what might not hold up in court. She obtained a fair settlement for me. She taught and informed me about the process and the points of law along the way. As a male in the state of Massachusetts, I was thrilled to come away with an equal division of property and assets as well as a suitable custody arrangement.

As the old joke goes, the price for a divorce is so high because it is worth it! Without a doubt, the services of Barbra Black in a divorce case are worth having at any cost. Having said that, she ALWAYS explained to me which paths and actions would be the most economical for me and she always attempted to steer me in that direction even if it meant less money in her pocket. Barbra’s rates were fair and her monthly bills were clear and accurate. There was zero ambiguity over her monthly charges. Expect to be billed for all of your time on the phone with her after initial consultation. And of course the time she spends preparing for and representing your case. But she will offload duties to other skillful legal assistants in her firm as appropriate to help you keep the cost down. And she will only do so if you approve (some times I did, other times I didn't out of preference).

If you are in this to win, start by forming a winning team. It’s going to be a small team, so make sure your players are the best. I watched Barbra deal with my former spouse’s attorney with voracious tenacity when necessary, yet with cooperation and kindness when the other party was being reasonable. Simply, she did whatever needed to be done to assure me a fair settlement. She knows the law well and will get you the best possible settlement within the law. She's a tireless worker.

 by Linda

After many years of contemplating a divorce I finally decided to move forward. I met with one lawyer who made me feel like I lost before I even got started! I knew at that point I had to do some homework before pursuing this life altering challenge. Barbra was recommended to me so I gave it a shot as I had nothing to loose after meeting with the 1st lawyer. I scheduled an appointment to meet with her and I have to say Barbra was very accommodating working around my schedule. When I walked into her office and saw her I was a bit skeptical as she was such a petite woman and I wasn't sure if she was the timid type who would let other lawyers walk all over her! After spending about 15 minutes with Barbra I knew she was the type of lawyer I wanted to represent me. She made me feel like we had known each other for years.

I gave her a brief synopsis of the outcome I was looking for when all was said and done. What impressed me the most was the fact that Barbra was honest right from the beginning. Everything was laid on the table, including her fees, and then she told me to take some time to think about what I wanted to do. Right then and there I knew she was the person I wanted as my representative. Not only was Barbra honest and sincere but she portrayed herself in a professional and confident way. That was the beginning of our journey. Barbra and I had numerous meetings to prepare for the case. She included me in ever aspect of the divorce consulting with me as to what I wanted vs what she wanted and I felt like this was definitely going to be a team Working together as one. She always offered different options in an effort to save me money if at all possible. The time came when we needed to stand before a judge for our pre-trial hearing. Once again, Barbra exhibited her professionalism while firmly getting her point across. While waiting our turn to be heard, I remember explicitly how Barbra said to me "I hate having to wait cause it is costing you money to just sit here." The outcome was better than I expected and it was all due to Barbra's kindness, caring and nurturing that gave me the confidence I needed to approach the situation head on without fearing what the outcome would be. The most important part of the teamwork was the trust and respect we had for one another which turned an unknown situation into a pleasant experience. I walked away feeling as though I had a friend by my side. Barbra has an excellent staff who were always pleasant to deal with and willing to help in anyway possible. I am so happy I trusted my instincts and chose Barbra as my attorney. I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend her to anyone in need and I thank Barbra from the bottom of my heart for being who she is not only as a lawyer but also as a friend.

 by Anonymous

Emphatically yes! Thank God for Barbra Black. She's what you want as an attorney: smart as an Ivy-leaguer, tough as alligator hide and fearless as Indiana Jones. I work with attorneys both professionally and, unfortunately, sometimes personally. She is the best of the lot.

I had a divorce that, to describe as miserable, would like be describing a full diaper as a bit smelly. I sued my first set of attorney's for malpractice (and won) and brought a similar suit against the guardian ad litem (and won). That should tell you how well it went before I met Barbra.

I met Barbra when she was at Burns & Levinson. They (she) helped clean up the mess the first attorneys created and got me a reasonable settlement.

When my ex-wife violated the agreement, I again retained Barbra (who had started her own practice by then) to enforce the agreement. She was unyielding and vociferous in the action, taking no guff, but also being practical, ethical and straightforward. She kept me posted as to fees and was reasonable. She even told me what work I could do myself so I could save some money. If I had retained her in the first place, I wouldn't have had the mess the first set of attorneys left me with.

If you are getting divorced and not getting what you need from your existing attorney or considering divorce and expect a fight, retain Barbra. Other attorney's know her reputation and generally want to settle up quickly instead of facing her in court. She also knows the MA court system and its procedures, enjoying a solid reputation with Judges because of her knowledge of the law. Just be honest with her and she'll fight for you like Mike Tyson in the ring.

Keep in mind Family Court is a court of equity, not justice. Make sure you have Barbra in your corner to make sure it is kept equitable.

Again, I recommend her totally.

 by Paula

Attorney Black has been remarkable. Her professionalism, timeliness and expertise are to be commended. Equally impressive is Attorney Black's ability to listen and truly hear the wants and needs of her client. It is a pleasure to recommend Attorney Black without any reservation.

 by Anonymous

I retained Barbra Black as my divorce attorney in 2005. She handled my case in the most professional way and the outcome was favorable. Atty. Black was extremely knowledgable, proactive and informed. She explained my options to me clearly and reasonably. She focussed on the end result of the case and kept my best interests in mind at all times.

I was divorced at my pre-trial mostly because Barbara had prepared a settlement document which we were able to fine tune and agree upon before our hearing. In retrospect, due to her forthought, she saved me a great deal of money. The judge complimented Barbra at the trial for her performance.
I highly recommend Barbara Black.

 by Anonymous

Barbra took over my case from another attorney, things had been stalled in the process and we weren't getting anywhere. I had a lot of concerns about the process and my future. Barbra is very smart, thorough, and caring, going through the divorce was a scarey process, but Barbra was able to break it down and explain things in terms that I could understand.

She covered all of the bases and made sure I understood the risks and benefits of each item in my agreement. She also stayed on top of everything, ensuring that nothing slipped through the cracks and the process didn't get stalled. It may be strange to say that my divorce was a great experience, however, I think when you have an attorney that is as concerned and involved as Barbra you can't help but end up with a positive experience.